– FS2004 AI Aircraft Collection

FS2004 AI Aircraft Collection. This file contains 54 aircraft for AI use only. Several of the 54 aircraft have two paint schemes. These are aircraft created over time. Created using FSDS2.10 and complied by John B. Loney, Jr.
50 Mb (more…)

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– FS2004 AFG Super King Air 300 Update

FS2004 AFG Super King Air 300 v1.01 Update, for use with AFG300V1.ZIP. This update will fix and improve some of the flight modeling issues that has been reported since the release of v1.0. Also includes one new livery. By Allied FS Group. 5 Mb (more…)

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– FS2004 AFCAD2 File For HAAB

FS2004 AFCAD2 File For HAAB / ADD, Bole Internationa Airport, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, v3.0, for use with the default scenery. Features corrected elevation, added ILS/DME for runway 25L, new apron, new taxiways and more. By Florian Kreuzer.
7,7 Kb (more…)

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– FS2004 AFCAD2 File For FVHA

FS2004 AFCAD2 File For FVHA / HRE, Harare International Airport, Zimbabwe, v2, for use with the default scenery. Includes corrected taxiways and apron, correctly marked gates, added helipads. By Florian Kreuzer.
6,1 Kb (more…)

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– FS2004 Aeroworks TR-3B Stryker II

FS2004 Aeroworks TR-3B Stryker II. The TR-3B is an advanced follow up of the TR-3A Stryker. It is based off numerous eyewitness reports of an aircraft nicknamed the “Black Manta” that is allegedly operated by the U.S. Government and has been most commonly sighted in the southwestern U.S. Reports say the craft is larger than the Lockheed F-117A but smaller than the Northrop B-2 Spirit and shares a look very common to both aircraft. This package includes 14 aircraft consisting of two operational squadrons and two prototype aircraft with opening weapon bays, rotating air refuel nozzle, tug truck, custom panel, flight manual, and reference checklists. By Jason L. Terry and Joshua B. Nyhus. 23 Mb (more…)

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– FS2004 Aeroworks ARX-6 Roadrunner

FS2004 Aeroworks ARX-6 Roadrunner. The ARX-6 is a single place Formula One pylon racing aircraft and is built to the specs of the International Formula 1 Air Racing association. Like all Formula One race planes, it is built around the Continental O-200. This is the same 100 hp engine that barely powers a Cessna 150 to 100 knots but on the small extremely lightweight and aerodynamic airframes of formula one racers the top aircraft can push 300 mph. With very few instruments, and less than average ground handling, Formula One aircraft are very clean “no frills” machines that serve only one purpose – flying low, flying fast and turning left. This package includes nine different schemes. Aircraft and panel by Jason L. Terry. Additional schemes by Joshua B. Nyhus, Brady Duros and Mike VIvaldi. 7 Mb (more…)

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– FS2004 Aerotica Piper Cherokee 180

FS2004 Aerotica Piper Cherokee 180, registration TI-AHQ. Textures only for the payware Carenado Piper 180. Repaint by David Villarreal Fallas.
2,4 Mb (more…)

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– FS2004 Aerotaxi Avianca DeHavilland DHC-2

FS2004 Aerotaxi Avianca DeHavilland DHC-2 Beaver. Avianca used the DHC-2 Beaver between 1960 and 1970, offering air taxi service between aerodromes. Repaint by Jorge Andres Calderon C. Model by John L. Woodward.

8,2 Mb (more…)

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– FS2004 AeroSur Boeing 767-200ER

FS2004 AeroSur Boeing 767-200ER, registration CP-2521. Model by Project Open Sky. Repaint by Matias Rivero.
12 Mb (more…)

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– FS2004 Aerosur Boeing 757-200

FS2004 Aerosur Boeing 757-200. Model by Project Open Sky. Repaint by Hernan Anibarro. 4,5 Mb (more…)

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