FSX/FS2004 – Yakovlev Yak-28P Supersonic Soviet Recon

FSX/FS2004 – Yakovlev Yak-28P Supersonic Soviet Recon. The Yak-28, based on the Yak-27, was the bigger one of a swept wing, turbojet-powered combat aircraft used by the Soviet Union. Produced initially as a tactical bomber (first flight 1958), later there were also reconnaissance-, electronic warfare-, interceptor- and trainer versions, known by the NATO names Brewer or Firebar. The FS-model has a VC and a basic Navigators seat position behind of the glass bow with insertable 2D-panel (fixed view in FS2004).

FSDS 3.5 model and panel by Erwin Welker

18.5 MB


FSX/FS2004 – Upgrade For K. Ito’s BV-155

FSX/FS2004 – Upgrade For K. Ito’s BV-155. Upgrade For Kazunori Ito’s FS2002 / FS2004 high altitude interceptor Blohm&Voss BV-155. The modified model has now a VC and a 2D panel regarding very rare photographs from the year 1945. The only change on the exterior model are the rocket pods and improved wheels and FSX prop discs. Kazunori Ito is my idol for almost twenty years. It is a pity that he was forced to stop to continiue with his great hobby in building an incredible high amount of aircrafts. Honouring his work but beeing afraid that this very rare and special aircraft of the last days of WWII will be lost for actual or newer simulators like Acceleration or P3D I allowed myself to upgrade this BV-155. Original model by Kazunori Ito,

2D panel and VC by Erwin Welker


FS2004 – Project Airbus A380 Series FDE

FS2004 – Project Airbus A380 Series FDE. Here are modified Aircraft.cfg files for the Project Airbus A380 series aircraft. They feature modified flight dynamics for both the Project Airbus A380-841 (Rolls Royce Trent 970B- 84) and the Project Airbus A380-861 (Engine Alliance GP7200) using the “pa380.air” files only. Not tested with any other .air file and not tested in FSX.

By Chesley Hann

50 Kb


FSX/FS2004 – Destroyer Charles F. Adams Class

FSX/FS2004 – Destroyer Charles F. Adams Class. Package Destroyer Charles F. Adams Class. This ships were a guided missile destroyer class of 23 ships for the US Navy, 3 for the Royal Australian Navy and 3 for the West German Bundesmarine; built between 1958 and 1967. The ships were powered with 2 steam turbines a 26.000 kW and armed with 2×127 mm guns, a launcher for 8 ASROC missiles and a single or double launcher for Tartar or Harpoon missiles. Only Charles F. Adams and Moelders survived as museum ships, but all of the others have been sunk as targets, sunk for diving wrecks or sold for scrap. The package contains pilotable- and ai-versions of Charles F. Adams and Moelders in the style of the 70th. The FSX version has twenty two camera views whilst the FS9 version has sixteen panel look around views. Both versions has many animations with animated guns, radars, ASROC and Tartar launchers with missile launches. The weapon control switchboard and most of the gauges are made by Pierre Carosin,

FSDS 3.5 models with the photoreal 2D navigation bridge are made by Erwin Welker


FSX/FS2004 – Boeing 777-200 FedEx “ecoDemonstrator”

FSX/FS2004 – Boeing 777-200 FedEx “ecoDemonstrator”. Repaint for the SkySpirit2012 Boeing 777-200. Textures only.

By Triadi Sudarmawan

11 MB


FSX/FS2004 – Boeing 767-400ER Delta Airlines

FSX/FS2004 – Boeing 767-400ER Delta Airlines. Repaint for the SkySpirit2010 B767-400 v5 model. Textures only.

By Triadi Sudarmawan

8.5 MB


FSX/FS2004/P3D – Airbus A319-132 Volaris Costa Rica

FSX/FS2004/P3D – Airbus A319-132 Volaris Costa Rica. Repaint for the Project Airbus A319. Textures only.

By Santiago Spears

5.5 MB


FSX – BAe-146-300 Astra Airlines

FSX – BAe-146-300 Astra Airlines. The British Aerospace 146 (also BAe 146) is a short-haul airliner and a regional airliner that was manufactured in the United Kingdom by British Aerospace, later part of BAE Systems. Astra BAe-146-300 is dark blue (SX-DIZ).Aircraft speed is about 800 km/h, max altitude 31000 feet and max flight time 3,5 hours. Aircraft cabin 112 seats capacity. Model full package for FSX/SP2 with custom panels and VC, full moving parts , air stairs and passenger cabine in Astra colors. Realistic and pleasant flight dynamics. The package includes 1 liverie, ASTRA AIRLINES , is a Greek regional airline headquartered in Thessaloniki and based at Thessaloniki International Airport. Model by Premier Aircraft Design (2010). Repainting and modifications of BAE146-200 made under permission of Premier Aircraft Design and with respect to their primary work, gives a realistic exterior surface using alpha channel and attempts to simulate the interior with the actual aircraft as much as possible.This repainting is for free use by Fly Sim community enthusiasts and no commercial use of all or part of the files I created.

By Vangelis Vasilias

64 MB


FSX – Eurofighter Typhoon

FSX – Eurofighter Typhoon. The aircraft has been developed for FSX Flight Simulator SP1 or SP2. It has also been tested with Microsoft Acceleration, but compatibility is not guaranteed by the author. This package includes the aircraft model (Single-Seater, Two-Seater), a virtual cockpit (VC) and a 2D panel. All three parts have been designed and developed according to a large number of technical documents, descriptions, and pictures. The 2D panel has been developed for wide screen monitors only.  The design goal was to develop an aircraft model along with a VC and a 2D panel as close as possible to the original aircraft. It was, however, not possible to program all the functions and displays, because of the complexity of the real Eurofighter, due to limitations in FSX, and classified capabilities. Changes and additional functions have been made for simplification or gameplay reasons. The panel with the MFD displays, HUD, radar functionality, weapon simulation and indicators gives a good impression on how the real Eurofighter cockpit looks inside. A significant effort has been made to test, update and improve the flight dynamics of the model. The model includes and supports the following additional payloads : Three external tanks, 6 AMRAAM missiles ( mid range Air to Air weapons),  2 IRIS missiles (short range Air to Air weapons), 4 PWIV laser bombs. External tanks and the weapons are configurable via a panel MFD screen.  This is not a load and fly package. Paints are included for: GE, UK, Italy, Spain, Austria, SAAF and NATO. This is not a load and fly package. Please take your time to read the included documentation carefully.

By Dietmar Loleit

35 MB


FSX – Curtiss P-40Q Updated

FSX – Curtiss P-40Q Updated. The Curtiss P-40Q was an experimental project which attempted to produce a really modern fighter out of the existing P-40. The modifications were in fact so drastic that there was very little in common with earlier P-40 versions. The most prominent XP-40Q feature was the cutting down of the rear fuselage and the addition of a bubble canopy as on the “XP-40N”. The result was an aircraft which bore almost no resemblance whatsoever to its parent P-40 line. The V-1710-121 engine was fitted with water injection, resulting in a power of 1425 hp. Speed increased to 422 mph at 20,500 feet, making it the fastest of all the P-40s. This is Tim Conrad’s model with revised and enhanced panels compliant for FSX/ P3D.3. Smoke added.

New panels with new gauges as well as smoke configuration by Michael. Pook

26 MB


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