FSX – EBTY Maubray Airfield

FSX – EBTY Maubray Airfield. This small airfield with a grass runway is located near Tournai in Belgium. He’s mainly used for gliders with the wonderful particularity to help physically handicapped people who want to become glider’s pilot. Photoreal textures on hangars and buildings, road traffic included. This scenery is compatible Acceleration and dx10. Visit our website

By Jean-Philippe Pierard & Emmanuel Pierard of FS-Creation.

58.5 MB


FSX/P3D – Hawker Tempest MKVI Updated

FSX/P3D – Hawker Tempest MKVI Updated. This is a cockpit interior and panel update for the Hawker Tempest MKVI recently posted by A.F. Scrub. The package features four liveries, among them the beautiful display bird Blue Thunder. The focus of this update lies on the enhancement of the cockpit interior, an entirely revised photorel virtual cockpit and 2D panel with animated yoke. Almost all the original gauges have been replaced with  new ones, now giving the panels a much more authentic appearance and making them almost look like the real panel. Smoke effect added. Thanks to David Hanvey and Paul Barry for the original FS2004 model, to David Rickets, Jan Rosenberg,Dave Quincey and Matt Wynn for the repaints and to Morton from SOH for the great photoreal 2D panel, which is the base for the VC. Also thanks to A.F. Scrub for his latest native FSX update, which has made it possible to implement this VC, Also thanks to Andre Ludick for his prop texture and some tweaks to the aircraft.cfg.  Flap fix by A.F. Scrub included.

New VC and gauge configuration for the panels as well as interior enhancements and smoke effect by Michael Pook.

35 MB


FSX/FS2004 – oeing 767-300ER Westjet

FSX/FS2004 – oeing 767-300ER Westjet. Repaint for the SkySpirit2010 – Boeing 767-300ER model. Full package.

By Phillip Hughes

31.5 MB


FS2004 – Cessna C-37 Airmaster

FS2004 – Cessna C-37 Airmaster. The Cessna Airmaster is the plane that rescued the Cessna Aircraft Company from oblivion in the 1930’s. Clyde Cessna was a self-taught and well known early barnstormer, racer, and designer of aircraft, and he had gone into business during the 20’s building aircraft professionally. Some early examples of his work include the Cessna AW. Clyde Cessna was also involved in the Travel Air company, which is where a number of early aviation pioneers got their start (including Walter Beech and Lloyd Stearman). A special thanks to: Milton Shupe for permission to use his engine start effect and allow me to modify it for the Airmaster,

By David Wooster

16 MB


FSX/P3D – Blackburn Firebrand

FSX/P3D – Blackburn Firebrand. The Blackburn Firebrand was a big, brutish, beautiful British Fighter / Torpedo bomber which suffered a long gestation period but was ultimately underpowered and unsuccessful. The prototype flew in 1942 but the type only entered limited Fleet Air Arm service after the Second World War.

FSX/P3D Model by A.F.Scrub

12 MB


FSX/FS2004 -Boeing 737-800 TUIfly “Robinson Club Resorts”

FSX/FS2004 -Boeing 737-800 TUIfly “Robinson Club Resorts”. Repaint of the excellent TDS Boeing 737-800 in TUIfly “Robinson Club Resorts” livery, D-ATUI. Texture only.

By Stefan Bree

11.5 MB


FSX/FS2004 – Boeing 737-800 TUIfly “RIU Hotels & Resorts”

FSX/FS2004 – Boeing 737-800 TUIfly “RIU Hotels & Resorts”. Repaint of the excellent TDS Boeing 737-800 in TUIfly “RIU Hotels & Resorts” livery, D-ATUZ. Texture only

By Stefan Bree

11.5 MB


FSX/FS2004 – GPS And FMC Flight Plan Icons

FSX/FS2004 – GPS And FMC Flight Plan Icons. These icons function to select, add, or delete waypoints, and to initiate or cancel a direct-to leg to any waypoint selected from the loaded flight plan. The logic for adding a new waypoint differs from the author’s previous and updates. The icons are coded to work with any GPS or FMC gauge which uses the native gps system in FS2004 and FSX. This includes Garrett Smith’s very popular, which can be found on this site as Mouse-over tooltips are provided to identify the function of each icon. The user may enter, manage, and edit a flight plan from scratch, using only the GPS or FMC, if desired. Public Domain.

By David Dibbell

150 Kb


FSX/FS2004 – EditVoicepack Callsigns Pack 10

FSX/FS2004 – EditVoicepack Callsigns Pack 10. Use the File/Import function within Editvoicepack Version 3.1.1750.19464 for FS9  then Tools/Update Airlines.cfg followed by File/Update Voicepack. These callsigns can also be imported into Editvoicepack X for FSX using the File/Import Modification command and choosing Files of type:’Editvoicepack 3 modifications (*.vcpmod).

15 Kb


FSX/P3D – Hawker Tempest II

FSX/P3D – Hawker Tempest II. As a result of the termination of the Tornado project, the Tempest II was designed from the outset to use the Bristol Centaurus 18 cylinder radial engine . Apart from the Centaurus engine , the Tempest II prototypes were similar to early series Tempest Vs.Tempest IIs produced during the war were intended for combat against Japan, and would have formed part of a proposed British Commonwealth long-range bomber force based on Okinawa, Tiger Force. The Pacific War ended before they could be deployed.

Model by A.F.Scrub


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