FS2004 – Kneeboard References & Checklists” Utility

FS2004 – Kneeboard References & Checklists” Utility. Informations: In this utility, designed for Flight Simulator 2004 but probably usable for FSX and other simulators, there are included several documents for aircraft References (main content) + Control procedures (second content) to be used within the electronic kneeboard of simulator. Addressed to those wish to change Reference/Checklist existing or missed ones (i/e from aircraft downloaded).

By Aldo Della Vedova

90 MB


FSX/P3D – Aeropuerto de San Luis Obispo de Ipiales

FSX/P3D – Aeropuerto de San Luis Obispo de Ipiales, Colombia. New runwat and more improvement.

By Juan Carlos Contreras F.

39.5 MB


FSX – Cabo Verde Santa Luzia International Airport

FSX – Cabo Verde Santa Luzia International Airport. Completely fictitious, this project is intended for the fun of the fs-sims around the world. An original idea: Paulo de Figueiredo. Scenarios, Afcad & AI Traffic: Paulo de Figueiredo / Steven Correia.
Santa Luzia Mesh: Vander Firmino.

18.5 MB


FSX – BAE Hawk 200 Updated

FSX – BAE Hawk 200 Updated. This is an FSX update for BAE Hawk 200 by Kazunori Ito. The package features three different models, FSX panel configurations, smoke and burner effect, FDE improvements and new camera views. Original model by Kazunori Ito and camera views by Erwin Welker.

All FSX updates by Michael Pook

15.5 MB


FSX/FS2004 – Cargoship From The 60th Cap San Diego

FSX/FS2004 – Cargoship From The 60th Cap San Diego  as pilotable version and ai-version. This fast cargoship with a length of 160 m and a speed of 19 knots was was buildt in 1960 and sailed between Germany and South America until 1980. Now she is worldwide the biggest, still operational museumsship and can be visisted in Hamburg. Some days per year she makes daytrips with tourists. The FS-models are very detailed. Thirty one cameras let you explore the whole ship including the complete and realistic detailed virtual navigation bridge. The models are successfully tested in FSX, Acceleration and in FS2004 and it is also supposed to run in P3D but not yet testet. The ai-version is supposed to be used with the great tool Ai-carriers2 or for ai-traffic.

FSDS 3.5 model and all configurations by Erwin Welker

18.5 MB


FSX/P3D – FS Flight Builder Update

FSX/P3D – FS Flight Builder Update. Current users, please download and re-install A flight making application for FSX and Prepar3D. Now supports FSX, FSX Steam Edition, and Prepar3D. Airport weather and charts have also been added. Flight routes can be imported from the SkyVector Plain Text Link or added manually. Automatically adds a briefing file to the aircraft kneeboard.

By Tom Arduini

8 MB


FSX – Creating GMAX FSX Gamepacks Models In Win 10 Tutorial

FSX – Creating GMAX FSX Gamepacks Models In Win 10 Tutorial. There are problems when creating native FSX models with GMAX FSX Gamepacks in Win 10. How to navigate in your explorer and how to use material editor. This is a hint to make things work.

By A.F.Scrub

1 MB


FS2004 – James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

FS2004 – James Armstrong Richardson International Airport. I have updated and a few correction by mistaken. I added spot parking grounds, gate numbers revised better than last time and a few things. Hope you like them.

By Stuart Gilbert

1 MB


FSX – Beagle Pup FDE Update

FSX – Beagle Pup FDE Update. Rob Richardson’s Beagle Pup FDE Update. I found it overpowered, over revving, having a Constant speed airscrew,(should be of fixed pitch variety) unable to spin & it needed continual trim change with speed variation. I hope that the enclosed FDE is somewhat closer to achieving the published speeds & capability. Rob, thank you for a superb model, love the reflections, especially when looking out of the side windows at the wings.

By Keith Paine

100 Kb


FSX- Flight Replicas P40 N Enhancement Package

FSX-  Flight Replicas P40 N Enhancement Package. Beautiful gloss Shark Mouth Camo paint scheme with many visual and audible enhancements. Custom pilot jackets, soundsets and lighting, engine performance options. Can be used on all models.

By Aaron Penn

104.5 MB


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