AIRBUS A380 OVERTAKES A BOEING 747 during DEPARTURE – 11 BIG PLANE Departures at Frankfurt This Airbus A380 of Lufthansa overtook a Boeing 747 of the same company while lifting up for another long haul flight. If you like big and heavy airplanes Frankfurt is the place to be. Within four hours I was able to film 100 heavies last wednesday and it never gets boring at this amazing airport.

The Lufthansa Boeing 747 just landed on ruwnay 07R and was on its way to the parking position while its company A380 departed on runway 07C. What a sight to see both competitors in one frame. I love Frankfurt for these kind of video opportunities. You always get amazing motives!

I also filmed my first Boeing 787-10 of United which is the second clip in this aviation compilation and the Boeing 787-8 of American was a lovely sight aswell.

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Perfect Flight - Fly The Heavies Extended Edition