FS2004 – Bethel Airport. Bethel PABE in southwest Alaska scenery. There is not much photographic information available for PABE, and I have never been there, and as there are no roads Google Earth street view has never been there either. As a result it was impossible to make detailed photographic textures for the buildings. However, I have made textures of the right colour for most of the buildings based on the information I assembled, so if a building is green with white trim then that is how it now appears here. The exceptions are the Alaska Airlines terminal building which has complicated curved elements, and the two military hangars and workshops. I had enough information to know that whatever I tried to make would only be a poor imitation of reality, so I settled for an Alaska terminal building from another airport and the same for the military. There are numerous small villages in the vicinity of Bethel, all of them being beside either a river tributary or the coast. There are two Google Earth screenshots to show the villages that are served by the flights from Bethel and that are (mostly) included in the AI. Some of these airfields were not included in FS9 but I have provided information so that AI will operate in and out of Bethel as if they really exist. The smaller area screenshot shows the villages that are close to Bethel, and of these eight I have so far made six and they are included in this post: Napaskiak PKA, Napakiak WNA, Kwethluk KWT, Atmautluak 4A2, Nunapitchuk 16A, and Kasigluk Z09.

By Roger Wensley

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