FS2004 – Beaver Creek CYXQ. Beaver Creek is located at mile 1202 of the Alaska Highway, just east of the Alaska/Yukon border. The populaton is around 100 and the main employment is with the Border Agency, the White River First Nation, or with local tourist lodges. The airfield is a mile further north of the town and close to the Canadian border post, which is included in the scenery. It was built by Jack Stalberg in the 1960’s, and I have no further information beyond the fact that he loved to fly. The airport serves as an “airport of entry”, though it is restricted in hours of opening and in the size of aircraft that it can handle; only up to a maximum of 15 seats. The single runway is 3,745 feet long and 100 feet wide, gravel, aligned 13-31 in FS9, lit, and with vasi at both ends. Righthand circuits for runway 13. There is a 340 feet threshold displacement to runway 31, which is of course unmarked on a gravel runway. The terminal building was recently reclad. The ai reflects the sort of traffic the airfield gets; ie brief paperwork stopovers for GA or small charter flights into Canada from Alaska, usually in the mornings.I have adjusted the local scenery terrain levels to remove adjacent hills that I believe do not exist in real life but are part of the Northern Canada terrain mesh that I have installed. If you do not have this mesh you may find that the scenery works fine for you without the API flatten that is included here. The airfield is at 2,129 feet ASL.

By Roger Wensley

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