Plane spotting until darkness at DUS Düsseldorf International Airport with A330, B767, B737, A320 …ith the runway lightening sometimes it looks like the aircraft engines are burning.
My focus on this day was to record landing aircrafts at DUS airport on RWY 23R. But this RWY is only open during main traffic and mostly for arriving planes after lunch and late afternoon. In winter it means, that it is operated from late afternoon with sunset and until darkness. From the same spot I recorded some aircrafts during take-off at main DUS RWY 23L. I hope you like these footages from late afternoon until darkness.
At this time there are unfortunately no huge aircrafts for arriving or departure but you will see following Special Liveries: Vueling “25 Years Disneyland”, Eurowings “BVB Mannschaftsairbus” and “Visit Sweeden Göteborg”
Here a detailed overview about the recorded aircrafts with direct time link:

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-Video cutting software: Magix Video Deluxe “PRO X”
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