An Aviation Film | YYC Calgary International Airport 2018It’s that time again, as my viewers know, for my annual year-in-review video celebrating this past year as an aviation enthusiast at my home airport of Calgary International Airport. In many ways, 2018 was a transitional year for YYC, with our home carrier WestJet unveiling their new corporate identity and announcing their first three 787 routes out of Calgary for 2019. That coupled with the usual summertime military goodies made for quite the memorable year!

This year though, particularly since hitting 10,000 subscribers in November, I knew I wanted to do things a little differently than in years past. Just by sharing this crazy passion of mine on this platform, somehow I have that many people who continually come back and watch the content that I create. I’ve also met some fantastic people through all of it, and it’s been quite the ride. So here you have it, my annual year-in-review at Calgary International Airport, but also a bit of a 10,000 subscriber special, commemorating just how memorable this year has been for me. Hope you enjoy, and as always, thanks for watching πŸ™‚


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