FS2004 – Repulse Bay CYUT in Nunavut Canada. This is a scenery that I started in 2013, temporarily abandoned when I found there was a fault in the coastline that reduced it all to straight lines, and then totally forgot about. Until now, when I discovered that while I had made the Repulse Bay terminal building I had mysteriously not made the scenery. Investigation revealed the reason why and here it is with a coastline that has been repaired to the extent that the fault allowed. Repulse Bay has a population of around 1,100 and since 2015 has been officially named Naujaat, the traditional Inuit name. It is located exactly on the arctic circle on the northern extension of the western side of Hudson Bay, in a large bay off the northern tip of Southampton Island. Coral Harbour is on the far side of the island, 180 miles to the south. The airfield is alongside the town and the coast, with the runway 3,400 feet of gravel with PAPI at both ends, aligned 161T-341T with “T” standing for true as opposed to the unreliable magnetic bearing this far north. The regular scheduled flights are by Air Baffin (an Air Nunavut subsiduary), connecting to Iqaluit some 550 miles to the east. The helicopters are there in the summer with their own fuel in drums around their own parking apron. They land directly on the apron, which cannot be replicated in AI, so they are present only as parked choppers and not flying ones.

By Roger Wensley

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