FSX/P3D – Skelleftea ESNS Sweden Scenery. Skellefteå is a small flygplats (this means “airport” in Swedish) located in the northeastern Sweden, almost at the coast of Baltic Sea. SAS and Norwegian are flying from here daily with their B738 and A320, mostly to Stockholm. This scenery provides the most accurate rendition of Skellefteå to date, with the expanded apron, an additional parking spot, and turn pad for runway 10. Six lakes, including Falmarksträsket and Bodaträsket, and most nearby roads, forests and villages were added to make the scenery VFR-friendly. But the best part of it are the amazing models crafted by MBL-Dezing. Every major building in the airport was recreated and placed at its exact location, which creates a truly authentic Skellefteå experience.

By Dmitriy Kozyrev

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