FSX/P3D / Convair Model 7002 XF-92A. The Convair model 7002 or (P-92), a delta winged turbojet airplane, better known as the XF-92A, was the first in a long line of American Delta Winged Aircraft. The XF-92A was a single seat, jet propelled research fighter-type land plane. Characterised by a 60º delta wing and a large vertical tail, the wing planform of the XF-92A was an equilateral triangle with a span of 31’4”. With no separate horizontal tail surfaces, the elevons (combined elevator/aileron) provided the pitch and roll control for the aircraft. The authors of this package honors that development and testing that propelled the advancement of the delta wing concepts and use.

By  Milton Shupe, Rick Mackintosh, Brian Alexson, Scott Thomas, Hans-Joerg Naegele, Jan Rosenberg, Nigel Richards, Pilot Figure by Jan Visser, and Tire textures by Mike Kelly.

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