FSX/P3D Spitfire Mk V. Late in 1940 the Mk. II started meeting a new German aircraft in combat. Essentially a cleaned up version of the Messerschmitt Bf 109E that Spitfires and Hurricanes had bested the year before in the Battle of Britain, the new 109F or Franz (Friedrich) model was superior to the Mk. II Spitfire in many respects. Not only was it able to outperform the Mk. II Spitfire in speed and rate of climb, it also was able to out-turn it above about 18,000ft – something previously unheard of.  The Mk. V was nothing more than a Mk. II with the newer Merlin 45 series engine. This engine delivered slightly more takeoff power at 1,440 hp (1074 kW), but greatly increased the power available at higher altitudes due to a new two-speed supercharger design. The Mk. V was able to hold its own with the 109Fs it was meeting.In the meantime the Mk. V proved so useful that it would go on to be the most produced version by far, with 94 Mk. VAs (eight-gun), 3,923 Mk. VBs (cannon) and 2,447 Mk.VCs

By A.F.Scrub

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