FSX/P3D – Invercargill NZNV Scenery. Invercargill is the medium-sized regional airport located at the southern end of New Zealand, near the city of Invercargill. It was built in 1938 on a land reclaimed from a nearby river, and was prone to flooding, until a system of open drains was created, which is represented in this scenery — alongside the new terminal opened in 2016. Air New Zealand’s ATR 72 and Q300 are scurrying to here daily, and their A320 is also visiting Invercargill every now and then. Another prominent visitor is Steward Island’s Britten-Norman BN-2. While the real NZNV can easily accomodate a 757, spawning here in anything larger than A320 or B738 is not advisable.

By Dmitriy Kozyrev

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