FSX – Focke Wulf FW 58 Updated. The Fw 58 was a low-wing monoplane with two piston engines mounted in nacelles on the wing leading edges. The crew sat under an enclosed canopy. Aft of the flight deck, the fuselage was open to form a moveable machine gun station. The tailwheel undercarriage was retractable. The Fw 58 was widely used for training Luftwaffe personnel. It was also used as a VIP transport, ambulance, feeder airliner, photo reconnaissance, and weather research aircraft. It was built under license in Bulgaria, Hungary and Brazil. It was also operated by several countries such as the Netherlands, Romania, Croatia and Turkey. This is an FSX panel update for the Focke Wulf FW 58, previously designed for FSX by A.F. Scrub. The package includes a wheeled and a float version of the aircraft. Both the new entirely remodeled and enhanced VC and the 2D panel are now equipped with all authentic German gauges. smoke and VC light added. The wheeled variant’s engines are now automatically fired off on the runway. This is the whole aircraft.

All credits go to A.F.Scrub for the original model, new VC, gauge configuration as well as smoke and vc light by Michael Pook

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