FSX/FS2004 – Metal Aircraft Corporation Flamingo. The Flamingo built in 1928 had a 410hp Pratt & Whitney Wasp engine. The Wingspan was: 48’0″ its Length was: 30’0″ and it carried a load of 2050 pounds. Speed Maximum was 138 and it cruised at 115. Stall speed was 45. It had a range of 1000 miles and sold for $19,325. A small scenery area is included in South America (Venezuela) near to where Jimmy Angels is supposed to have taken off on his search for gold. Please note that the huts at Angels Camp will not appear in Golden Wings 3, I have tried to find the texture but to no avail. This scenery works best with a mesh e.g. FsGlobal 2005. Go to create a flight select SVJA as the airport IDcode select active runway for takeoff, choose your aircraft and weather then Fly Now! Or select one of the pre defined Angel flights.

Original odel by Craig Richardson. Re-upload by Leonardo Santos

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