FSX/P3D – AITTP 2018 AI Taxispeed & Timeout Patcher. Since the days of the original Microsoft FS2004(FS9) leading to FSX and today, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D (P3D) flight simmer users have craved and spent countless hours adding, modifying and setting up an AI world replicating yesterday and todays airlines complete with same aircraft type models and schedules, recreating worldwide selection of airports and many other add-on enhancements. Many add-ons work perfectly together and sometimes you have issues due to lack of parking space, too many AI aircraft taking off and/or landing in a small amount of time. Years ago, a few creative minds started figuring out AI aircraft by creating new models that are stunning in detail, AI aircraft flightplans recreating real world schedules., airport parking issues fixed with AFCAD just to mention a few items. A way to change your AI taxispeed and timeout settings also became available. Andrew Jarvis part of the JBAI team created AITP for FS9. This solved the timeout issues… Also separately others have created a way to change the taxispeed of AI aircraft. With many users also using P3D today, I have been changing my own taxispeed and timeout settings since FSX. I thought about what is needed to help users (you, me and flight simmers worldwide) change their own taxispeed and timeout settings in an easier way. What if the user uses either P3D or FSX or even both? I wrote a program in C# that solves this. Only my second attempt at programming. I have been around FS since 1986. Was involved and part of a group called ProjectAI (PAI) that helped pioneer AI aircraft, flightplans, utilities etc back around 2003/2004… today I use P3D v4.1

By Jorge Buchelli

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