FSX/FS2004 – Destroyer Charles F. Adams Class. Package Destroyer Charles F. Adams Class. This ships were a guided missile destroyer class of 23 ships for the US Navy, 3 for the Royal Australian Navy and 3 for the West German Bundesmarine; built between 1958 and 1967. The ships were powered with 2 steam turbines a 26.000 kW and armed with 2×127 mm guns, a launcher for 8 ASROC missiles and a single or double launcher for Tartar or Harpoon missiles. Only Charles F. Adams and Moelders survived as museum ships, but all of the others have been sunk as targets, sunk for diving wrecks or sold for scrap. The package contains pilotable- and ai-versions of Charles F. Adams and Moelders in the style of the 70th. The FSX version has twenty two camera views whilst the FS9 version has sixteen panel look around views. Both versions has many animations with animated guns, radars, ASROC and Tartar launchers with missile launches. The weapon control switchboard and most of the gauges are made by Pierre Carosin,

FSDS 3.5 models with the photoreal 2D navigation bridge are made by Erwin Welker