FSX – Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This is an update files for fixing bugs that have been reported to us:• Fix bugs of signs both on the jetways and on the ground. (wrong label and double signs in some places) • Fix crash when park on gate P4-12 • Add tower view of KLIA2 by choosing WMKT airport list. • Fix vehicle links preventing vehicle using taxiway. • Rain effect of the asphalt surface of taxiway and runway.  • Change the Approach light system of runways: RWY14-32 R and L have REIL red and green, RWY 15-33 is CAT I without TDZ light. • RWY15-33 has light on the poles of 3d models. • Remove wrong texture on KLIA2 terminal. Add missing roof on small building near Post Office at KLIA old LCCT. • Glide slope ILS on RWY33.

By Joshua Peanjo

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