“Storm Sebastian” 30 to 50 Knots gusty Headwind at Buitenveldertbaan Amsterdam Schiphol1st Day Orkan Sebastian at AMS with A380, A330. A350, B747, B757, B777, B787 Dreamliner and more aircraft from not so well known airlines. Landing at Polderbaan with 90° Crosswind wasn’t possible, therefore the aircrafts approach above Amsterdam City and landed during very strong and gusty headwind at Buitenveldertbaan RWY 27. You see more than 50 landings and additional starts from Kaagbaan RWY 24. One KLM Cargo B747 landed at Kaagbaan too. After 3 hours Plane-Spotting at this spotting place at McDonalds I went to the head of Runway 27 to records approach and landings with the runway landing lights. For this I will upload a separate video. Another video from this storm on the second day will show very wet landings at Buitenveldertbaan 27 and take-offs from runway 18L Aalsmeerbahn. Sturm Sebastian.
Overview of all aircrafts:
00:20 Landing Emirates A380-861 A6-EOO
01:10 Landing Delta A330-223 N856NW
02:00 Landing KLM B777-206(ER) PH-BQA
02:28 Landing TUI B787-9
02:40 Landing KLM B747-406(M) PH-BFW
03:12 Landing KLM B787-9 PH-BHF
03:31 Taxi KLM B777 PH-BQA
03:35 Taxi A350 Singapore Airlines
03:43 Landing KLM ERJ-175STD
03:52 Landing KLM ERJ-190STD PH-EZX
04:09 Landing Air Europa B737-85P EC-MQP
04:38 Taxi Jet Airways B777
04:44 Landing CITYJET Avro RJ85 EI-RJF
05:12 Landing United B-777-224(ER) N78001
05:36 Standing Cargolux B747
05:43 Taxi Jet Airways B777
05:47 Take-off Cargolux B747-3EVF
06:01 Aeroflot A321-211 VP-BTL ManU emblem
06:21 Take-off Jet Airways B777
06:26 Pusher with KLM B787-9 PH-BHE
06:33 Landing KLM B737-8K2 PH-BXA Special Livery
06:51 Saudia Cargo B747 & KLM OrangePride B777
07:04 Take-off KLM B777-306 PH-BVA OrangePride
07:16 Landing KLM ERJ-190STD PH-EZI
07:50 Landing Transavia B737-8K2 PH-HSG
08:10 Plastic in the strong wind
08:24 Heavy landing SAS B737-76N(WL)
08:58 Landing Delta A330-323 N903NW
09:38 Taxi & take-off Jet Airways B777
10:23 Landing Pegasus B737 TC-CPY
10:30 Landing Royal Jordanian A319-132 JY-AYP
10:50 Landing Israel Airline B737-958(ER) 4X-EHH
11:25 Landing B777-206(ER) PH-BQE
11:51 Landing KLM B777-206(ER) PH-BQO
12:21 Landing Lufthansa A321-231 D-AISW
12:35 Windy landing Air Serbia A320-232 YU-APG
12:57 Landing KLM Cargo B747-406F(ER) PH-CKB
13:37 Taxi KLM ERJ PH-EXK
13:52 Windy landing Finnair A321-211 OH-LZE
14:25 Landing Alitalia A319-112 EI-IMO
14:42 Landing WOW A321-211(SL) TF-JOY
15:00 Landing Bulgaria Air A320-214 LZ-FBC
15:25 Landing Delta A330-302 N827NW
15:47 Landing Nippon Cargo B747-8KZ(F) JA15KZ
16:38 Landing SAS A319-131 OY-KBT
17:04 Taxi KLM B747 PH-BFN in front of Tower
17:19 Landing Transavia B737 PH-GGX
17:34 Line-up KLM B747 PH-BFN
17:50 Landing KLM B777-206(ER) PH-BQF
18:24 Taxi KLM B747-406 PH-BFN
18:34 Landing Turkish Airlines B777-3F2(ER) TC-JJI
19:10 Line-up KLM B747-406 PH-BFN
19:23 Landing KLM to B747 at Start
19:33 Take-off KLM B747-406 PH-BFN
20:09 Landing KLM B787-9 PH-BHA
20:34 Landing Transavia B737-8K2(WL) PH-HZX
20:50 Landing Kenya Airways B787-8 5Y-KZG
21:27 Vatnujokull Icelandair B757-256 TF-FIR
Used Equipment:
– Video cutting software: Magix Video Deluxe “PRO X”
– Heavy Manfrotto Tripod
– Medium Manfrotto Tripod
– GoPro Hero 4
– Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX-90
– Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX400V
– Panasonic HC-V757
– Panasonic HC-V727
– Rhode directional Microphone
– Aputure V-Mic D1 Directional Condenser Shotgun Microphone