RARE: RCAF C-130 Hercules Landing RWY 23 @ Toronto Pearson Int’l December 23, 2016Hello everyone! Happy New Year! My first video of 2017 is one still taken in December since I’ve still got a ton of good stuff to post. On December 23, 2016, I went spotting for the day to catch some action at Toronto Pearson Int’l. My main reason for going out was to catch the El Al Israel Cargo Boeing 747-400F that was dropping off the spare engine parts for the Boeing 767-300ER that had a mayday and returned to Toronto on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I did not get it due to a last minute RWY switch but other than that, I did get some pretty good traffic on this day. Like this one, a complete surprise, a Royal Canadian Air Force C-130 Hercules that was alerted to me by YouTuber CYUL Plane Spotter 15 minutes before he landed. What an awesome catch it was too! My first video of a Canadian Hercules landing in Toronto, Enjoy it! 🙂

RARE CALCULATOR: Mega Rare, 8/10

Airline: Operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force
Flight: CFC3883
Call sign: “CANFORCE 3883”
Aircraft: Lockheed KCC-130H Hercules
Registration: 130340
Origin: Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson Int’l (CYWG)

Date Filmed: 2016-12-23
Time: 12:17hrs local time

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