FSX – The Caproni Campini N.1. The Caproni Campini N.1, also known as the C.C.2, was an experimental aircraft built by the Italian aircraft manufacturer Caproni. The N.1 was powered by a motorjet, a type of jet engine that powers the compressor using a conventional aircraft engine. The N.1 first flew in 1940, and as news of the Heinkel He 178’s flight in 1939 had not yet been made public, the FAI listed the N.1 as the first successful jet-powered aircraft. This is an update of the Campini, originally designed for FS2004 by the IS4G Group and converted for FSX by Eric Hertzberger. The package features both an entirely reworked and enhanced VC and 2D panel with Italian gauges for the most part. It also now includes smoke effect and corrected lights. Thanks to the IS4G Group for the original model and to Erik Hertzberger for the FSX conversion.

New VC and 2D panels as well as smoke and light configuration by Michael Pook

14 MB