FSX – Scenery EDOA Auerbach X Ver. 1.00. Features: – High detailed rendition of the Airfield Auerbach (EDOA) – High resolution Aerial Image including 5 Seasons and Night Layer – Compatible with all surface Addons eg VFR Germany or FTX GlobalLC – Custom runway + Ground Textures – Hundreds of hand-placed Autogen Objects – AI Traffic with default FSX Airplanes – Completely newly created ADE Airfield Layout with actual Frequency and ATC – Volumetric Grass and Vegetation with manual Season Switcher – High detailed Buildings and Textures – Many Animations eg Vogtlandbahn, Model Airplane, Windsock, Anemometer – – Manual in English and German – VFR Charts JPG and PDF.

By Sierra.Foxtrot-Design

145.5 MB