aviation_newsOn 6th of August, 2013, aviation training centre Baltic Aviation Academy (Vilnius, Lithuania) will launch webinar entitled ‘Explore type rating training’ revealing type rating training program and its process. Presentation will be dedicated for pilots who already have got airline transport pilot license and are looking for type rating possibilities.

During the presentation participants will be acquainted with the type rating entry requirements, duration, subjects and elements of ground and flight training, completion evaluation process. The webinar incorporates footage from student training session as well as a brief explanation of performed procedures.

‘How long does it take to get type rating? What subjects are taught during theory part? We receive many inquiries regarding type rating program as it is one of the most important steps in process of becoming a professional pilot influencing future career and employment possibilities. During this webinar viewers will have opportunity to get all the information and answers in less than 10 minutes‘, said Vejuna Balciunaite, Project Manager at Baltic Aviation Academy.

To get access to the webinar, please register at: http://www.balticaa.com/webinar.

‘Explore type rating program’ is a part of the ongoing webinar series presented by Baltic Aviation Academy. Previous webinars investigated topics such as a challenging training session, Ab Initio training programs, uncovering the aspects of choosing an aircraft type, forecasting the demand for vacancies and entering the job market.