Avism.com Contributing reviewer Ray Marshall takes his A321 on an ultimate experience with our last product Ultimate Airbus A321 Simulation.  “When was the last time you had a perfect flight in FSX? There is a company in Italy that is hard at work preparing a new batch of FSX add-ons with exactly that in mind. The goal of Perfect Flight has always been offer a realistic aeronautical ambiance, simple to use but fully enjoyable. I think they have certainly achieved their goal with the Ultimate Airbus A321 Simulation.”

“It comes with all the navigation charts and maps needed for these flights. You determine weather conditions, season, departure date, time, etc. This also has the entire BA fleet for FSX plus the Perfect Flight L-1011 Tristar in old British livery. The missions are similar to the Ultimate Airbus A321 with all the ATC interactions, checklists, speed calls, announcements, etc.”

“This is most definitely a quality add-on that elevates flight simulation to a whole new level of immersion. Until you personally experience the verbal conversations and the professional level of flight planning with the perfectly timed step by step checklists it is difficult to know what you have been missing. By taking the time to walk through the flight tutorial pages of the user manual along with the choreographed flight plans you will then appreciate what is required to sit in the left seat of one of these modern airliners. With a total choice of 27 full featured missions of varying distance and durations selectively scattered around the world one should not feel bored for some time.”

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