It is a long time since the last vasFMC version was released, but hey, finally the new 2.1 release is here! The VAS team members have put several hundreds of hours of working and testing into this release for your pleasure.

VasFMC 2.1 is a free FMC/FMGC released standalone or gauge for FSX/FS2004

Some of the new features are:

– Custom Airbus like autopilot overriding the flightsim autopilot in many ways.

– New integrated FMS modul for fuel, thrust, speed and performance calculations with support for different Aircraft and Engine types.

– FS-X compatible gauge.

– SCS plugin for XPlane for better and faster access.

– Lower ECAM F/CTL page in A-style.

– A-style upper ECAM in old and new Airbus style.

– A-style upper ECAM for 2 and 4 engine models.

– Managed SPD/MACH mode with MCDU preselect feature.

– Enhanced MCDU INIT, PERF, F-PLN, FUEL PRED and DIR-TO pages.

– New MCDU DATA, POS monitor and A/C status pages.

– Exact character positioning in the MCDU.

– New vector font used by PFD, ND and ECAM screens.

– FMS system selection via MCDU MENU page: FMGC, ACARS, SBOX, PUSHBACK and CHECKLIST.

– The ECAM is rotatable via configuration, see vasfmc ECAM config files.

– Enhanced Fly by Wire pitch and bank controllers with low/high speed protection.

– Alpha Floor protection for vasFMC AIRBUS A/THR mode.

The documentation for vasFMC 2.1 can be found here:

Important: Please make sure to perform the first flight described in the documentation before asking any questions!

The vasFMC 2.1 download can be found at the VAS download site:

Important: Please note that the new vasFMC version has no navdata included!

If you don’t have an actual AIRAC cycle from Navigraph you can download a free cycle here:

Please also note that there are also FS9 and FSX “vasFMC ready” Project Airbus models for download here:

For now only the MS FS standalone and gauge versions are ready for download, the XPlane variants will hopefully follow soon.

Now have fun flying with vasFMC 2.1 and – if you feel its worth it – please donate via the donation button on the VAS homepage:


Alex and the VAS Team